MNA Properties is a relationship-driven real estate company centered on value, dedication and excellence. Founded in Dubai, they strive to provide a complete 360 solution for all property related needs of our clients and partners. The company has built and will continue to expand its impressive portfolio of industry leading projects and properties backed by the country’s major real estate developers.

Collaboration curriculum

Activity area

Dubai's booming real estate sector, known for its impressive buildings and ambitious projects, played a big role in making Dubai a strong economy. It brought in tourists, supported the financial industry, diversified the economy, built infrastructure, and brought in investments from around the world. All of this helped Dubai become a major economic player on the global stage. That's why Treasures Real Estate aimed to establish a strong presence in this thriving market.

Collaboration history

Following an extensive partnership spanning over a year, and just as Treasures International made their mark in the vibrant city of Dubai, our relentless dedication and expert guidance played a pivotal role in catapulting our partner to prominence in the highly competitive realm of real estate. Our collaborative efforts not only ensured a successful debut in the Dubai market but also solidified Treasures Real Estate position as a shining star in the global real estate arena.


  • Website
  • Mobile version
  • Social media management
  • Copywriting
  • Leads generation
  • Ads
  • Design
  • Brochure
  • Photoshoot


We initiated the digitalization journey for Treasures Real Estate by creating www.treasures.realestate as the first step. This website serves as the main platform to showcase their diverse projects and activities while also providing a seamless experience for clients to book appointments and access professional guidance.

Mobile Version

We made our website even more accessible by developing a mobile version, this strategic move not only made our online presence more versatile but also catered to the diverse needs of users across various platforms, from smartphones to tablets.

Social media management

Thanks to our expertise, we successfully managed Treasures Real Estate's social media presence, expanding their reach to a larger audience and crafting a strong brand image.

Lead generation

Utilizing our expertise in lead generation, we successfully employed various platforms, including Meta ads and Google ads, to expand our outreach, strengthen our brand image, and attract more potential clients by generating qualified leads.


We've developed the MMA Properties brand guideline, encompassing the logo, brochure, letterhead, business card, and more, all designed to embody the luxurious essence of Dubai's real estate


We've crafted the Treasures Real Estate brand guideline, which includes the logo, brochure, letterhead, and business card…etc all designed to embody the luxurious essence of Dubai's real estate


We conducted professional photoshoots to capture the essence of the Treasures Real Estate team, properties, and office, providing an up-close glimpse into the world of Treasures Real Estate.