Fueled by frustration in a contrived and over-processed world, luxury brands EXTREMEDY1980 & EXTREMEDY COUTURE offer unapologetically bold and brash men’s and women’s clothing for today’s fashionista new-school.

Collaboration curriculum

Activity area

Extremedy, the epitome of international luxury fashion based in Dubai, holds a paramount place in the fashion landscape of the city. It caters to the discerning tastes of both men and women, offering designs that perfectly capture the essence of Dubai's opulent lifestyle.

Collaboration history

Our collaboration with Extremedy is a tale of fashion excellence in the heart of Dubai. From the outset, we've joined forces to enhance their digital presence and global outreach. Through innovative campaigns, influencer collaborations, and creative content, we've magnified Extremedy's status as an international fashion powerhouse. Together, we've curated a fashion narrative that resonates with Dubai's dynamic and glamorous lifestyle, bringing luxury and style to the forefront of the city's fashion scene.


  • Website
  • Social media management
  • Copywriting
  • Leads generation
  • Ads
  • Design
  • Strategy Marketing


We kickstarted Extremedy's digital transformation by launching www.extremedy.com as our inaugural step. This website serves as the primary global e-commerce platform for showcasing and selling their fashionable clothing collections to a worldwide audience

Mobile version

We made our website even more accessible by developing a mobile version, this strategic move not only made our online presence more versatile but also catered to the diverse needs of users across various platforms, from smartphones to tablets.

Social media management

Thanks to our expertise, we successfully managed Extremedy’ s social media presence, expanding their reach to a larger audience and crafting a strong brand image.


We've meticulously crafted the Extremedy's brand guidelines, which include the logo, brochure, letterhead, business card, and more. Every component is imbued with a sense of refined and fashionable style, capturing the very essence of our brand.

Fashion show at the palm

Step into the world of glamour and luxury with our latest collaboration featuring Extremedy. Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as unveils their latest collection in a stunning showcase of style and sophistication. From the dazzling runway to the impeccable craftsmanship of each design, immerse yourself in the epitome of haute couture. Witness the fusion of art and fashion in an unforgettable event at The Palm.



We orchestrated professional photoshoots to seize the very essence of Extremedy's events, models, and fashion line, immersing you in the vibrant and dynamic world of our fashion brand, where style transcends boundaries for both men and women.