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Process Steps

“An ounce of application is worth a ton of abstraction” best expresses our approach to being successful in producing a finished project.

1st step
Interior design creation

We love to create.  Getting to know you is the first step in designing a place where you will ultimately enjoy living, working, playing and more. We explore your aesthetic taste, lifestyle, culture, preferences and then draft several creative proposals for your review.  By utilising digital technology to present 3D models, renderings, floor plans and material descriptions, we present you with a clear idea of the final project.

The conceptualisation and drafting of the design plan is the foundation on which the project will be completed and delivered.

Most projects require the completion of a technical plan which includes full dimensional layouts, cross sections, ceiling plans, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing renderings.

2nd step
Product Sourcing

The production phase is set into motion by acquiring all materials, fabricating all furniture and fixtures, and drafting a comprehensive plan for the installation. We are very proactive in locating and procuring only the highest quality materials through our global network of trusted partners, suppliers and craftsmen.  Quality materials always endure the test of time and determine the overall beauty of the finished project.  We complete every unique project with a high level of care, efficacy and attention to detail. 

3rd Step

By using superior materials and expert craftsmanship, we produce pieces that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and enduring. We control this important process by manufacturing all elements of the interior design project.  Our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities maintain international standards and have mastered the process of production and handicraft. Our ability to measure, produce and deliver only the highest quality finished furnishings is what sets us apart.

4th step

With all the creativity, design sketches, materials, and models in hand, we believe that perfection is in the finishing.  Step-by-step, our team of seasoned and motivated project managers, construction engineers and craftsmen will install the actual physical design.  We maintain internationally-accepted safety standards which provide a secure working environment for our construction team. There is always palpable excitement in the room as we build out the plan and see the design come to life before our eyes.  All hands are dedicated to completing the project and delivering finished perfection. 

5th step

We aim to deliver above and beyond the expectations of our esteemed clients.  We want them to be genuinely astounded and immediately enamored with their new interior space.

6th step

Our service does not end when the door closes.  We are always available to provide any upgrades or modifications which our client may request over time.



Frequently asked questions

I would like to refurbish my Bedroom. Can you help me? +

No matter the size or function of your project, we will help you realise any of your interior design challenges.

I noticed your special glass doors on the website, can I order these for my home? +

Glass elements are the roots our company derived from. We are highly experienced in the craftmanship of decorating glass which enables us to provide you with a suitable solution to any glass-related enquiry. Please feel free to contact our team for further information.

Would it be possible for you to work together with a contractor of my own choice? +

No problem, we can work with any contractor that can deliver the quality we aim for.

Where will the furniture be produced? +

All custom made furniture is produced by our trusted production partners with whom we have established strong relations over the years. Depending on the project or specific item we choose the best suited partner to make sure each item will be produced following the highest quality standards. Materials, art and accessories are sourced and produced all over the world.

Feel free to discuss any of your project wishes with our team during a free preliminary consultation

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