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Tokawa is the premier source of fresh roasted coffee. We seek out the best beans from the best coffee-growing locations because we are passionate about coffee. To bring out each bean's own flavor character, we expertly roast each batch, producing a rich and pleasant cup of coffee. 

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There is a certain art to roasting coffee beans ? a craft that requires precision, patience, and dedication. The coffee roasting process begins with the selection of green coffee beans. These beans are then inspected and sorted according to size, taste, and quality. With the right combination of time, temperature, and air circulation, the roaster is able to unlock the complex flavors and aromas found in each bean.

Collaboration History

From the start of our partnership with TOKAWA, it was obvious that we had the same goals: to deliver a superior digital solution that meets the objectives set.. Our team put a lot of effort into developing original, unique solutions that would go above and beyond what the client had expected.


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