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Fueled by frustration in a contrived and over-processed world, luxury brands EXTREMEDY1980 & EXTREMEDY COUTURE offer unapologetically bold and brash men’s and women’s clothing for today’s fashionista new-school.

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Fashion design has always been a fluid and ever-evolving art form. From ancient times to the present, couture has been a way for people to express their individual style and to challenge traditional fashion norms. EXTREMEDY1980 is a high-end fashion brand, a celebration of extravagant self-expression that contrasts electrifying street culture with an opulent aesthetic in an effort to stoke the flames of brave fashion rebels who don't care about trends, opinions,

Collaboration History

We were called by EXTREMEDY to handle their brand's design, rebranding, and marketing strategy after receiving numerous recommendations. The team at Hello World Label did a good job of understanding the customer's demands and came up with some creative and compelling approaches to meet those needs by providing a tailored service.


- Re-branding
- Marketing plan
- website development
- Community management