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Black Label Concierge

BLACK LABEL CONCIERGE (BLC) is a British company located in London that operates in the field of Concierge, it has to many services like the guarding, the purchase / sailing but also the rental of signature vehicle, not to mention the maintenance both mechanical and management (insurance / registration). BLC also offers drive services, airport-transfers service and drop and pick-up service.

Cursus de collaboration

Activity area

The private concierge is a very sensitive luxury area where the majority of the clients are celebrities. Taking care of their Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and many other internationally recognized vehicles is the responsibility of companies operating in the luxury concierge industry, including BLC. To highlight its luxurious services, BLC contacted Hello World, Marrakech web communication agency.

Collaboration History

The commercial manager of BLC asked us to design a prototype for the CEO of the company , convinced by the work made in 48 hours, the customer entrusted us with his project. The developers of Hello World took care of the creation of the customer's


-visual identity consulting -Logo design -Design of the graphic charter -Marketing plan -Web design and website development -SEO optimization -Creation of communication tools: business cards, brochure -Support in Community Management